Story written by Riverann Polinard | Photos provided by Sedona’s New Day Spa

Stepping through the iron gates and into the courtyard, one’s senses are immediately heightened. Bamboo leaves tickle orange sails that dance and sway to soft, instrumental music. The bubbling waters of the fountain are alive, teeming with happy Koi. I am awakened by a calm remembrance of how the feeling of relaxation rejuvenates the body.

Opening the door to Sedona’s New Day Spa, one is greeted by a most delightful and accommodating staff. If a guest happens to make the acquaintance of owners Jill and Pete Galea, they would know instantly that they are in exceptional, capable hands. Their own youthful radiance will have one saying, “I want that!” 

Sedona’s New Day Spa specializes in Desert Nature Body Treatments and Native American inspired Spa Rituals. Their menu is extensive with Deep Tissue, Desert Stone, Lymphatic, Prenatal Massage, Structural Rebalancing, Myofascial Release, Chakra Balancing, Craniosacral, Shiatsu, Reiki, and Reflexology. Also offered are restorative facials, pampered manicure and pedicure treatments, waxing, tinting, wellness & intuitive services. All treatments are designed for men and women alike though vary depending upon the products selected.

Touring the facility prior to my treatments, I began to anticipate a nurturing massage. Entering a second garden courtyard, garden courtyard, inviting chaise lounges await you. Also featured here is a private area for manicures and pedicures, a chlorine free hot tub, outside shower, heaters, and a fire pit for winter months. This spa feels like a personal retreat, as everything is customized for each guest. It’s the perfect place for that special birthday, anniversary celebration, bridal shower, or any other occasion where the gift is Self-Love. 

I was given a glass of beautiful gemstone water to savor as I waited. Viewing microscopic photos of this water taken by Dr. Masaru Emoto, it looks like crystals of love. Gemstone water raises the energy balance of the body as it refreshes, energizes, and hydrates.

A delicious array of healthy snacks—including dried fruits, nuts, chocolates, and biscotti–was available for my palatable pleasure. My experience hadn’t yet begun and already I was being pampered to perfection.

My first treatment was a 90 minute, Signature Desert Nature - Turquoise Sage Mountain Arnica, Deep Healing Massage. As I walked into the massage room, the presentation of body and aroma therapy products sitting on the table was a beautiful invitation for relaxation. This spa uses herbal sheets for these treatments. Being enveloped in them was a luxurious experience.

The treatment began with my therapist Jamie who cleansed the space with sage and lit an aromatherapy candle. She delivered one of the best massages I’ve ever had. Jamie started with a stimulating, yet gentle full body exfoliation. This was followed by a deep tissue massage with a unique blend of Turquoise Sage Arnica body butter and oils. These oils are for relaxation and muscular aches. Next, a revitalizing soft cocoon wrap optimized absorption of the oils for skin restoration. The treatment concluded with a massage of the face and head followed by a purifying facial compress with 5 Seeds Regeneration Facial Serum. I felt so relaxed and nurtured that I left the room commenting, “I’m a new woman and I don’t know who I am.”

After relaxing in the courtyard with a complimentary cheese plate and mimosa, I had a 60 minute Stem Cell anti-aging facial. Mallory, the esthetician, began my facial with a gentle cleansing and facial exfoliation. This was followed by a soft cream mask of supercharged dealers like Collagen, Retinol, and Elastin. Next, she used a groundbreaking freeze dried treatment infused with Comfrey Stem Cells. Their stem cell formula from Pevonia is one of the most hydrating treatments on the market. It deeply penetrates the skin and regenerates the cells as it repairs them, resulting in a beautiful and youthful radiance. The treatment concluded with massage of the face and arms, and an application of Pevonia hydrating sunscreen for protection. Friends commented that evening that I looked years younger. I’d highly recommend this facial to anyone, especially those who live in a dry desert climate. 

Sedona’s New Day Spa products contain organic, naturally wild crafted, or indigenous ingredients. The intention is “to honor the land we live in and uphold the pure essence of nature.” They are made with the finest organic and therapeutic grade essential oils in the industry; and preferred by therapists and wellness oriented spas coast to coast. These products are curated without compromise and contain NO paraben preservatives, formaldehyde, mineral oil, harsh chemicals, or cleansers. They also come in recyclable containers. I found them to be heavenly both in aroma, texture, and results. 

I was rejuvenated when I left, and felt I had to try more of their services. The experience had reminded me how important regular body nurturing like this is to all of us. I returned the next week for an 80 minute “Pamper Me Pedicure” and a myofascial massage. 

What happens in an 80 minute pedicure? As Stacy, my manicurist put it, “doting…” And I loved it. Imagine lying in a reclining position on a massage table in a private area outside. Feel a light mister, fan, or heater depending on the weather, with a cool or warm neck and eye wrap. Now feel your feet wrapped in warm towels. Then your legs and feet are massaged with essential oils and hot stones. Add to this a beautiful pedicure with a vegan polish, while indulging with a slice of carrot or dark chocolate cake and a mimosa. It’s an absolutely delicious experience for anyone who loves to treat their feet. 

Finally, I signed up to have all the kinks removed from my active, athletic body. Roberta, is one of the medical massage therapists at Sedona’s New Day Spa. She works on clients desiring relief, or wanting to heal a medical or physical issue having to do with the body’s connective tissue. My session was myofascial, however there is also a structural rebalancing massage available. Afterwards, clients feel a definite shift, a recalibration and rebalancing in the body. It’s a safe and natural way to stimulate the healing process. 

Nurturing the body is essential. It reconnects us, and serves as a form of physical and emotional integration, as it restores, renews, and aligns the body temple.

When you visit Sedona’s New Day Spa for a treatment of any kind, you are receiving an experience from someone for whom their offering is more than merely their job, it is an offering from their heart. It’s also an offering from the heart. This is the intention of every therapist at Sedona’s New Day Spa. The experience is as bliss-full as it is personal. Give yourself, or another, a gift of love and emerge relaxed, rejuvenated, renewed in Body, Mind and Spirit. ES