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Eugenia Ortiz

Living Art from the Source of Life

Eugenia Ortiz had no plans to be in Sedona. However like many who accidentally land here and make this place their home; she was lured by Sedona’s rich creative culture when in route to Los Angeles for an art installation. Her art has been on exhibition in Kansas City, New York, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Laguna Beach and Switzerland. Her gallery opened in “The Collective” in The Village of Oak Creek on September 9, 2017.

Ortiz is a painter, sculptor, and muralist. She works with mixed medias of silk, cotton, homemade paper (usually in the shape of honeycombs), eggshells, and paint. Why eggshells? Because they represent “genetic information and breaking barriers.” And honeycombs, because they resemble the molecular structure of the building blocks of life.

She describes her art as, “Living Art from the Source of Life… divine energy and infinite intelligence. Conceptually it’s about patterns of energy within us; and breaking those patterns to bring out more of our life.” Her artistic intention is to “Capture our inner resistance to change; and the process of releasing destructive patterns and beliefs that keep so many trapped in negative or harmful situations. The end result of the energy flowing through the artwork resonates at an emotional, mental, and spiritual level.”

“My art engages the individual with colors, patterns, and interplay between the form and formless,” says Eugenia.

Her work is aligned with an alternative healing technique called Resonance Re-patterning. It’s based on principles of new physics, psychology, and ancient healing practices, which look at patterns and frequencies. This is something that has helped her cultivate her own artistic gifts. Creating art, “Is following her ‘highest excitement’ which places her on her divine life path or mission.” Her desire is to assist people in transforming, shifting, and awakening to the full beauty of ourselves and life.

Ortiz’s inspiration comes from various things… the textures from nature, plants, animals, trees, and colors. When she creates, she first sets an intention. Then she connects with a flow of divine energy and lets the pen or paintbrush move as cosmic energy comes through her. “The shapes and forms of my work are meant as visual interpretations of the soul.”

Eugenia Ortiz has a Masters in Art and Textile Design. So her abstract paintings are filled with many different textures. She feels they have an affect on people. “It’s something that once seen, will leave people changed” because of the energetic frequencies within the art. “When particles of energy interact with a surface that’s highly textured it creates an energetic charge. So when you hang this artwork in any space it raises the energy in that place as well as raising the vibration of the viewer,” says Ortiz.

Entering her gallery there’s a large black and white mural on the front walls entitled, “Portal To Conscious Connection.” Several of her paintings resemble a galactic portal, or a portal within the self. Which leads one to wonder if the vortexes here may also have been inspiration and part of her attraction to Sedona. With titles like: “Beginning,” “Cosmic Hurricane,” “Quantum Jumping,” “Resonance,” “Creating Coherence,” “Freedom,” and “Extrinsic Manifestations,” each painting begins to suggest a particular shift or awakening. I love the large, beautiful sculptures installed on the ceilings, suggesting energy in movement… as they appear dancing to patterns of light in transformation.

“There’s no limit to the amount of ecstasy we’re allowed to perceive ... Sedona is ‘Magic Land." says Eugenia Ortiz

Original wearable art is available for purchase on jeans, shirts, and women’s handbags in the gallery. In the future, Ortiz plans to create domestic products for the home; and playgrounds for kids with life-size honeycomb sculptures. However her immediate goal is to paint cars. And we may see that shortly with her own vehicle.

Ortiz describes herself as an “Original 3D Visionary,” and wants to create connections in the community that make a significant impact on Sedona. She says she’s capturing frequencies of energy that are being channelled through her, whether it’s in our environment or within ourselves. “There’s no limit to the amount of ecstasy we’re allowed to perceive,” she says. “Sedona is ‘Magic Land.’”

Art is a visual language that changes according to the mediums and platforms through which it’s presented. Eugenia Ortiz has taken energy and put it into subliminal, three dimensional, abstract platforms. Art that she describes as self-healing energy within the body-mind; that enables people to create change in areas of their lives they feel limited. When asked how old she is, her response was ”I’m eternal.” There is a confidence about her gifts that suggests her vision coded art, may represent an opportunity for breakthroughs in the human experience. There’s only one way to know… it’s in the art. ES

Story written by Patti Polinard | Photos provided by Eugenia Ortiz

For more information on the The Eugenia Ortiz Gallery, visit EugeniaOrtizArt.com

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