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Cleaner Quicker Car Wash

Quality Care and Customer Service

Bill and Debbie Johnson, owners of Cleaner Quicker Car Wash in Sedona, are passionate about good health and it shows in their energy and vitality. They are just as focused when it comes to their business; whether it’s the state-of-the-art technology they’ve implemented, the highest quality cleaning products they use, their protocol for washing and detailing or great customer service.

“You feel cared for. There’s a high level of energy and integrity here” - Repeat customer

Cars are so central in our lives … In dreams, they often symbolize our physical bodies or how we’re getting through life. So taking care of them is like taking care of our body. We want them cleaned inside and out and in top shape for great enjoyment and performance. Dirty windows or fogged headlights can hinder visibility and safety, and a dirty car can negatively influence a business or personal image. We all want to be comfortable in our own skin and in our automobile. I had my first experience using their services this week. It was, “The best car wash in history!” I’ve never left a car wash feeling so good about my car. I noticed that it also affected how I felt about myself. Perhaps there is something to the symbolic connection between them.

The staff at Cleaner Quicker Car Wash are friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and pay attention to detail. The technology is awesome with neoprene brushes that don’t hold dirty water like the cloth brushes others use, so they don’t scratch, leave swirls or scrub off that wax job. Even their prepping brushes are of hog’s hair, so they don’t scratch like synthetic. They soften, charcoal filter and do reverse osmosis on the water so no impurities can build up on the finish to dull the shine and hold on to dirt. Towels are color-coded for different purposes inside and outside of the car and washed separately afterwards. Their machinery is energy and water efficient and they allow you to tailor your packages, so that you can save money by picking only the services you need.

If this wasn’t enough to secure a loyal customer, the waiting area would certainly delight the best of shoppers. It’s complete with a comfortable indoor outdoor seating area, is dog friendly, and has plenty of snacks and drinks for everyone’s tastes… canines included. In addition, I found a great selection of car accessories, maps, music, books, calendars, gifts and the best variety of greeting cards in Arizona. I loved the large screen photos and testimonials of before and after. I wasn’t bored for a minute and may go back just to shop.

Bill and Debbie Johnson are community oriented. They love getting to know their customers and support many local causes. They even scrambled to open on a Sunday at customer request when a dirt storm with light rain left many cars covered with mud. Customer interviews found that customer service and satisfaction is very high at Cleaner Quicker Car Wash and Detailing. At the end of a busy day, there’s usually a bucket full of tips from appreciative customers for the hard work. Open six days a week except for rain and snow days, this business is serving Sedona in a sweet way.

Story by Patti Polinard | Photos provided by Bill Johnson at Cleaner Quicker

For more information on Quicker Cleaner, visit: cleanerquickercarwash.com

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